April 25, 2024

As of this week, my dissertation (and all its accompanying paperwork) is 100% complete!

I'm quite thrilled to be past the finish line, waiting for the doctorate in my hand. Yet at the moment, I'm stuck in that odd sense of melancholy. You know, where you're happy to be going but sad that you're leaving?

Anyway, I hope to be able to dig into new and exciting research soon while preparing lesson plans for [insert course here]. Jokes aside, my students give me the hope and courage that is all to easy to forget when you're firing off applications to massive institutions that send the same "sorry, but we picked someone else" email. It certainly alleviates the imposter syndrome that sneaks up on me and chastises me for not having a New York Times best selling book and a podcast before my thirtieth birthday.

Well, I suppose my one other update is the one I always say: I'll be adding more bits and pieces to the website soon as I prepare for a local conference and might even add something special this time!

And for those of you who are visiting, here's the eternal reminder that this little corner of the Internet is a work in progress and a living website, so until further notice:

Under Construction!